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Long Island Air Conditioning Tune Ups for Extra Protection This Summer

If you're like most Long Island residents, you may think an air conditioning tune up is an unnecessary, frivolous service that really doesn't do much for your air conditioner. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Air conditioning tune ups are provided for homeowners like you to help keep repair and replacement costs down. This beneficial service does everything possible to prevent your air conditioner from breaking down on you when you need it most in the heat of the summer.

When you get an air conditioning tune up, it takes care of your entire system. It helps you avoid repairs and is much more affordable than one would think. Warmer weather is on it's way, so be sure you schedule a tune-up before you need to turn on the cooling system.

Tune Ups Lengthen The Life Of Your Air Conditioner

When you get an air conditioning tune up, you are maximizing the lifespan of your system. You're preventing problems like broken parts caused by grime build up. You're ensuring the air conditioner runs at it's best, getting the most in energy efficiency. And your making sure the unit lasts as long as it's supposed to.

What You Can Do For Your Air Conditioner

There's a lot you can do at home too that will ensure your air condition continues to function well after your tune up is completed.

The outside air conditioner unit is placed on a small foundation either made of concrete or wood to keep from foliage and debris from getting into it. The unit needs to be able to draw in air sufficiently in order to run correctly. When it's blocked by foliage or leaves and other debris, it won't be able to do so. It can't draw in air to cool the machinery, so it will burn out quicker. This can cause a lot of damage or a possible need to replace the entire unit. Keep the grass trimmed and the unit clear of debris to help it run as it should.

Another thing you can do to maintain your air conditioner is keep the filters replaced. Dirty filters blow loads of dirty air all over the air conditioning machinery where moving parts need to stay clean and lubricated. The equipment then strains (just like your outside unit) to draw in air from the intake vent if the filters are dirty. Over time, this makes a huge difference in how well the unit functions and how much energy it needs to run.

So with these few steps and with a yearly air conditioning tune up, you will save yourself a lot of repairs by avoiding them now. You'll be saving money on energy and you'll be increasing the lifespan of your air conditioner. Give us a call today if you'd like to learn more about our air conditioning tune up service in Long Island.

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